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Current Series
hands Do you feel chained or locked in to a life that is without direction or seems to be without purpose?
There is a life that came to break those chains and allow you to live a life with great value, with great purpose, and achieve amazing things. It may not seem like it at the moment but YOU have great value to God even if you are absolutely sure that you have no value.
Join with others to learn, understand, anc embrace that life God intends for you. It begins with forgiveness, it continues with growth.

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Upcoming Events
hands 2014-09-27 - Blood Drive
8 AM to noon in the Fellowship Hall. Share if you can.

2014-10-04 - 9 AM - Women's Ministry - Bible Study
Come Share your life and grow through study and fellowship

2014-10-11 - Men's Breakfast - 8:00 AM in Fellowship Hall
All men are welcome as we continue our video series Time of Your Life by Andy Stanley. This month: When Less Is More