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Current Series
Hope Unobscured
hands What happens when all seems dark around you? Hope is always there. It allows us to serve, to persevere, it builds us up and gives us a sense of identity. Come join us and rebuild your hope.

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Upcoming Events
hands 2016-08-01  -  Young at Heart - Colorado Christian Service Camp
For young at heart folks 55 or older. Register at www.campcomo.com

2016-08-06  -  Women's Study - 9 AM
Food for the soul with a study specifically pointed toward women.

2016-08-07  -  Faith Day with the Rockies - 1 PM
Baseball and David Crowder concert after the game. Tickets available June 20 - July 24th. $23 cost for tickets.

2016-08-08  -  Jewell Elementary School Luncheon
Volunteer to assist in hosting lunch for teachers at Jewell Elementary to show our support for their efforts. Lunch scheduled for 12:15 but setup occurs earlier.

2016-08-13  -  Men's Breakfast at 8:00 am
Join us for a hot breakfast, fellowship and let's study the Word of God together!Current study - Work as Worship!