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Current Series
Turning Broken Into Beautiful
hands The transformation from broken into someone beautiful is neither easy nor instantaneous. It is, however, very possible and is definitely worth the effort (as hard as that might seem). Join us every Sunday at 10:15 from February 8 to March 1 to learn more and begin your personal transformation.

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Upcoming Events
hands 2015-03-31  -  Prayer Meeting - 7:00 PM
an open time for prayer

2015-04-04  -  Women's Bible Study - 9 AM
Continuing a great study with Ray Vander Laan - This month 'Salt of the Earth' (from the series 'That the World may Know')

2015-04-04  -  Fund raising Dinner for Youth events - 4:45 PM
Bring an appetite and join us for a spaghetti dinner. After filling your stomach, fill your heart and stay for the 6 PM Resurrection Sunday Eve service.

2015-04-11  -  Men's Breakfast - 8 AM
It's time for 'Stepping UP'. Food and a study of becoming more courageous in our lives.

2015-04-18  -  Bonfil's Blood Drive
8 AM to noon in the Fellowship Hall. Give the gift that helps save others' lives.