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Current Series
hands We live in a world filled with distractions. From a ringing cell phone to a crying child, a sudden shift in what's normal to a teary eyed family member, there are enormous events and small vacuums that pull us away from plans and priorities. Join us as sit back to focus on what is not only helpful, but also necessary to keep us focused and attentive to the things that will lift us up and give us strength. FOCUS: on Jesus, on Prayer, and on Community.

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Upcoming Events
hands 2015-09-05  -  Women's Bible Study - 9 AM
Continuing a great study with Lysa TerKuerst and the study 'The Best You' focusing on 'Predetermine Your Best Yes'

2015-09-12  -  Men's Breakfast, 8 AM
It's time for 'Stepping UP'. Food and a study of becoming more courageous in our lives. This month, 'Having a Vision for Your Marriage and Family'