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Current Series
FAQ About God
hands Is God real? How can a good God allow suffering? What is the purpose of my life? The Bible has answers to all these questions. Join us on Sundays as we ask the tough questions and see what God has to say.

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Upcoming Events
hands 2016-07-04  -  Independence Day Picnic - 7pm
Join us at GCC for food, fellowship and fireworks! Meat, buns, and condiments provided. Bring salads, desserts, salads, and lawn chairs.

2016-07-16  -  Bonfil's Blood Drive
8am to 12pm in the Fellowship Hall. Give the gift that helps save others' lives - one pint at a time.

2016-08-07  -  Faith Day with the Rockies - 1 PM
Baseball and David Crowder concert after the game. Tickets available June 20 - July 24th. $23 cost for tickets.