About Us
youth ministry Gateway is all about people. Our goal is to join with people to encounter, embrace, and know God. Of course, that means that we also encounter, embrace, and know his creation (you). Jesus served people; we also strive to serve people.

The body of people at Gateway are an independent church that is not affiliated with any formal 'church' denomination. We consider ourselves to be a Bible-based non-denominational Christian Church.

From a theological perspective, we most closely align with the Christian Church/Church of Christ.

Our worship time embraces music, prayer, sharing needs, encouraging each other, and celebrating the glory of life that God offers to each of us.

Historically, this body of God's church has been meeting in this location since the early 1970's when Mississippi Avenue was a two lane dirt road. God has blessed the area and people have expanded over time to surround the location of the building and we embrace the opportunity to serve the people of the area.