What We Believe - The Bible
Beliefs We believe that the Word of God, the Bible, was inspired by God and written through men who yielded to God as the Holy Spirit led them. Historic and archeological evidence demonstrates that the texts remain consistent with each other. This remains true even in the earliest manuscripts and fragments we have available, dating as early as the second century. The message of Jesus Christ remains the same in nearly 5,500 biblical manuscripts and fragments, and 90 non-Christian documents dating back to the first century after Christ's resurrection.

We believe the Bible is complete as written. We also recognize that numerous scholars have contributed in several translation teams that have resulted in various transalations of the Bible from the original sources (and languages) to create translations that are understandable to people in the languages that we are comfortable with reading and hearing.
There are no writers, modern day prophets or religious leaders who can add anything to the Bible. The Holy Spirit inspires each of us to learn what God's Word says in a historical, textual, linguistic, and cultural context. He then guides and empowers us to live out what we learn in daily life. People can (and will) find answers to every question that faces men, women and children in the Bible.