What We Believe - Turning from Sin (Salvation)
Beliefs We know that God created us in his image. We also recognize that each of us, just like Adam and Eve, make mistakes (commit sin) and those mistakes have consequences.

We believe that salvation comes from God and is based on our individual faith in God's Son alone. No other person, religion or worldview can bring people into a right relationship with God the Father.

People can either have faith in their ability to be "good enough" or rely on God's promise through Jesus to make us new creations, acceptable in God's eyes. "There is no other name in heaven or earth by which we are saved." Jesus is who and what he claimed to be or he is nothing. That is the choice upon which to base your claim for cleansing of sins.

Faith is expressed by repenting of sin and confessing Jesus as God's Son and Savior. The act of repentance means that we choose to admit to God that we have sinned by placing our will before His. That confession indicates that we desire to turn our lives around and let God direct our lives. We then confess Jesus as His Son and our only Savior.

Is that all there is to salvation? No - A conscious decision is made to live the kind of life that Jesus did and the life that is talked about in the Bible. Daily review of service successes and failures is desirable. Submitting those shortcomings to God and growing from those mistakes are normal steps in honoring God.