Beliefs The beliefs of the members of Gateway can be simply summarized in this manner: 'Where the Bible speaks, God speaks and we should listen.'

Where the Bible is silent, we have freedom to consider how God is leading us to work. The Bible provides guidance to all of the issues of life (even if it doesn't directly yell out a direct answer in your ear).

Some simple basics - We encourage meeting regularly (like Sunday, Wednesday, growth groups). A normal Sunday time of worship contains times for singing (praising God), fellowship (encouraging each other), prayer(talking with God), exhortation or education (a message based on the Bible), communion (being encouraged by the sacrifice and promises of Jesus), and tithing/offering (sharing God's blessings to each of us with the church body).

We encourage the sharing of communion (Lord's supper) regularly (Sunday worship and certain other times).

For more in depth information about specific issues that are important to you, please look at specific topics in the 'We Believe!' section of the menu.