Date Download Series Name Message Title
2019-09-15 Audio NO KIDDING No Good, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
2019-09-15 Audio NO KIDDING Forgiveness Is Mandatory
2019-09-01 Audio NO KIDDING Always Encourage
2019-08-25 Audio NO KIDDING Love People
2019-08-11 Audio Why is Campus Ministry Important?
2019-08-04 Audio God Is Moving Living The Blessed Life
2019-07-28 Audio God Is Moving From Dream to Reality
2019-07-14 Audio God Is Moving Hit Pause And Worship
2019-07-07 Audio God is Moving Where God Leads, God Provides
2019-06-30 Audio God Is Moving The Miracle of the Moment
2019-06-23 Audio The Harvest is Plentiful but the Workers are Few The Workers are Few
2019-06-16 Audio Gospel Mentality Gospel Mentality - Part 2
2019-06-09 Audio Gospel Mentality Part 1
2019-06-02 Audio What the World Needs Now Love Everyone Always
2019-05-26 Audio What the World Needs Now How Love wins over your fears
2019-05-19 Audio What the World Needs Now A Toolkit for Loving People
2019-05-12 Audio What the World Needs Now Loving People Jesus-Style
2019-05-05 Audio What the World Needs Now What is following Jesus really all about?
2019-04-28 Audio What the World Needs Now You CAN Love Because You Ar
2019-04-21 Audio Easter
2019-04-14 Audio When Pigs Fly Miracles of Provision
2019-04-07 Audio When Pigs Fly Protection
2019-03-31 Audio When Pigs Fly Healing
2019-03-24 Audio When Pigs Fly Deliverance
2019-03-17 Audio Guest Message - Cody Chapman
2019-02-24 Audio I Choose...Choices Discipline over Regret
2019-02-17 Audio I Choose...Choices Surrender Over Control
2019-02-10 Audio I Choose...Choices Purpose over Popularity
2019-02-03 Audio Uncaged Freedom In Blessing