youth ministry

Seeking Stephen Ministry assistance
For those people who are facing situations that are out of control, seeking assistance within the Stephen Ministry team membership is a first step to working through and resolving an issue.
This happens when a person contacts the Gateway Stephen Ministry coordinator and embraces the actions and limitations that are discussed with the person seeking assistance. Once that agreement is in place, a Stephen Minister will begin working with the person about the particular issue that is ‘on the table’.
These conversations and activities are always confidential and will not be revealed unless the person seeking assistance provides their approval.
Stephen Ministry is not a professional organization and will not guarantee a complete resolution to a problem. We do promise that we will be available as long as the person is willing to work towards a solution. We will make referrals to professional assistance if we determine that the issue and solution are beyond the education and abilities of the Stephen Minister and any other member of the team.

Giving Stephen Ministry assistance
For church members who have a desire to serve in a Stephen ministry capacity, there is an application and approval process to be completed. This is followed by a long term education process. During this time, any candidate may decide that the attitudes and time commitment required are not compatible with their capabilities. Withdrawal from the education process is always an option and no one is looked at differently is they make that choice.

Working with individuals in their time of time - hard but rewarding. The paycheck - Seeing a person succeed in their life. As we mentioned earlier, every person can serve God in various ways.